About AVS Steps : AVS Steps

At AVS we are always thinking about steps!

AVS Steps is gaining a world wide reputation for step design and manufacturing for passenger vehicles. Started in 1993 by Karen Clarke the company has rapidly grown into the largest supplier of passenger steps in Europe and one of the largest in the world, providing electric and foot operated steps for taxis, minibuses, ambulances and other accessible vehicles including individual mobility vehicles. With the widest range of passenger steps available AVS ensures that they manufacture the right step for the right vehicle improving access for thousands of people getting into vehicles every day.

AVS Steps was originally called Accessible Vehicle Specialist and was set up to fit seat belts following a rapid increase in demand caused by a number of terrible accidents. Working from home and fitting seat belts throughout the UK, the basic philosophy of AVS was established. To provide a high level of customer service and meet the demands of the coach building industry. It was soon realised that the demand for seat belts would decrease as the major minibus manufacturers started installing them as standard. It was on a trip to Holland that Keith Clarke spotted an American made step and thought it looked like a good idea. Within 2 years AVS were manufacturing their own range of steps from premises in Staffordshire. After a move to Shropshire production expanded to meet the needs of the UK and the ever increasing export markets.

The AVS K type steps have gone on to the best selling steps ever sold in the UK. It has been joined by 33 other step types meeting a huge range of customer requirements.

AVS products are now designed and manufactured in Shropshire in the UK. AVS also has an increasing number of distributors world-wide and is always looking for enthusiastic and high quality distributors to support the AVS product range in more countries.

AVS has based its products on a cassette design using electric or foot operation to power the steps. However a growing need for improved ground clearance on smaller vehicles has led to the development of a range of cantilever steps and very slim cassette steps.

It has always been AVS's policy to test, test and then test again. We have developed the most comprehensive range of tests in the industry to ensure our steps meet and exceed all legal requirements and most importantly meet customer's demands. The tests have been devised by AVS to match as closely as possible real life conditions. Its a tough life being a step in all weathers but it has a valuable job to do and it must do it day in and day out.

AVS specialise in steps and in making sure steps fit as easily and quickly as possible using our specially designed fitting kits and wiring harnesses. We have designed, and manufacture, the widest range of passenger steps in the world. Browse the online catalogue to find the step you need for your vehicle. AVS staff are here to help you with fast and friendly advise and ensure the step you need is delivered efficiently and quickly. We specialise in next day delivery in the UK and our distributors around the world are working towards the same rapid turn around times.

AVS looks after its products cradle to grave. With quality control during build, during packing and at the point of despatch we ensure your step arrives in the best possible condition. We can also arrange fitting anywhere in the UK at the customer's location. Our after sales support is second to none with reliable and professional service agents throughout the UK and Germany. Service agents in other countries are being added all the time.

When you think about steps, think about AVS