Van Steps & Commercial Vehicle Safety Steps

We are in a health and safety conscious society. We care about the well being of those who use the vehicles we provide. In fact recent legislation has enshrined this responsibility in law*. AVS have been providing commercial vehicle steps to improve vehicular access for 15 years. 

AVS Steps’ commercial or fleet steps make the perfect solution for van steps. If you’re looking to equip your van with steps then you should look no further than AVS. We have a vast and comprehensive collection of steps for a wide variety of applications but our purpose built products make the perfect van steps available online!

Over the last 2 years we have seen the shift from the demand coming from the care sector such as ambulances and accessible vehicles being  matched by the taxi and utility vehicle sector.

AVS supply vehicle safety steps for BT Fleet, National Grid, Severn Trent Water, Scottish Water and Wales and West Utilities, the BBC and the MOD.

We supply single, double, treble and even quadruple steps. Based on our establish T and D type steps, these are well proven products that don’t flinch at muddy boots and a heavy work load!

Most importantly we supply safety. The daily toll of jumping in and out of a vehicle with a floor height of over 500mm, perhaps carrying heavy equipment, is not to be underestimated. By fitting step the stress is halved, the safety is doubled and the liability reduced.

At each CV Show there are more and more AVS steps to be seen. Companies such as QI, Bott, Bristore and VFS have supported and worked with AVS to develop our product range to more and more accurately meet the demands of this sector.

Given a vehicle platform height and a requirement for the ideal steps heights AVS work with the bodybuilder and the end user to provide easy to operate step that create access solutions.

As a starting point the table below indicates the type of step that may be best for certain applications. In any case, speak to AVS.

Type of Access

Type of use


Step Type



Heavy, frequently used, storage

Water, gas, electricity, telecoms

D500 or 600

Has to be deployed to provide access. Provides 2 extra steps.


Heavy, frequently used, storage, space tight

Water, gas, electricity, telecoms


Easy foot operated. Keeps exit clear. Halves sep height.


Access required both sides, no manual op permitted

Water, gas, electricity, telecoms


Provides large platform automatically whenever the doors are opened. Halves step height.


Very high access

Recovery Truck, OBU


Electric quad step opens automatically to allow passengers safe access.


Heavy, frequent, restricted space

Water or gas utility


Simple manual deploy, avoids towbar, provides 2 extra steps.


Heavy loads, step climber

Games machines delivery


Double step with lower supporting feet to support heavy loads.


Very high



Wide step, 3 extra steps, easy to fold in and out.

AVS’s engineers will visit any vehicle on site. Usually one of our standard products will be suitable. If not AVS will modify existing specifications to a certain extent.

However we are not bespoke step manufacturers and will ususally only consider reasonable volumes of anything that required major redesign work. In general changing tread widths is relatively easy but changing the distance between treads can be more involved.

Please talk to AVS and we will look at the particular access requirement you have and offer the very best solution.

If you require any more information on AVS’s Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Safety Steps, Contact us today

Van Steps & Commercial Vehicle Safety Steps

AVS Vehicle Safety Steps for Fleet & Commercial

AVS Vehicle Safety Steps for Fleet & Commercial

AVS vehicle safety Steps for Fleet & Commercial