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Product CodeRange TypePower TypeCost RangeProduct Name
EXE1000HLElectricTwin ArmStandardHigh Spec Electric Cassette Step
EXE1200HLElectricTwin ArmStandardHigh Spec Electric Cassette Step
EXE600HLElectricTwin ArmStandardHigh Spec Electric Cassette Step
KE600HW-2ElectricSingle ArmStandardElectric Cassette Step
SLE450AX-AL3ElectricSingle ArmStandardSlimline Allied Taxi Step
SLE450BWElectricSingle ArmStandardSlimline electric cassette step
SLE450HXElectricHigh Power MotorStandardSLE450HX E7 Step
SLE550BWElectricSingle ArmStandardSlimline electric cassette step
SLE600BWElectricSingle ArmStandardSLE600 Elelctric Cassette Step
TE600HWElectricSingle ArmStandardT Type 600mm Electric Cassette Step

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