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AVS Steps, the world’s largest automotive step specialist, has launched an accreditation scheme for its network of UK service agents.

The initiative, which is the first of its type in the automotive step industry, has been introduced to provide its service agents and customers with official service level assurance.

Keith Clarke, Managing Director, AVS Steps, said: “An essential part of our commitment to our customers is delivering on our unique two and three year warranty support packages and supporting day to day service needs and general repairs. We need to ensure that our agents have undertaken the necessary training and are recognised for their commitment to AVS Steps. This needs to be communicated to our end customers to provide total assurance that they will receive an excellent after-sales technical support and customer service.”

The accreditation has been welcomed by service agents who are required to provide support for an increasing range of AVS products. Ron Jefferies from CVTech, one of AVS Steps largest service agents has praised the new scheme: “We have over ten years experience of working with AVS Steps and extensive knowledge of their entire range. You require specialist skills and need to know what you are doing. In some cases jobs can be quite complex and can take an excessive amount of time if people are not properly trained, leading to vehicles being taken off the road unnecessarily. With a manufacturer’s accreditation scheme, the customer can be assured that the service agent is approved and trained in AVS Steps product ranges, and will receive a quality after-sales service.”

From the perspective of an AVS Steps customer, the introduction of service accreditation will protect their own brand reputation and customer satisfaction levels. Arthur Parker, Customer Service Manager at Cab Direct

(trading division of Allied Vehicles Ltd), said: “We use AVS Steps on many of our new and used vehicles. For our customers, it is essential that we firstly specify high quality steps that offer comprehensive warranties, and secondly that this is supported by a nationwide network of service agents.”

“AVS Steps’ new service agent accreditation scheme gives further assurance that the best resource and skill sets are available that will address our customers’ service issues quickly and professionally.”


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Editors Notes

AVS Steps Ltd
With over 20 years’ experience, AVS Steps is the World’s largest supplier of automotive steps. First and foremost AVS Steps is a specialist in the design and manufacture of steps, and its product range includes electric and foot operated steps for commercial and utility vehicles, taxis, minibuses, ambulances, and other accessible vehicles including individual mobility vehicles. With the widest range of passenger steps available, AVS ensures that it manufactures the right step for the right vehicle, thereby improving vehicle access for thousands of people every day.

AVS products are designed and manufactured in the UK, and sold both direct and through a network of distributors, world-wide. AVS has based its products on a cassette design using electric or foot operation to power the steps. However, a growing need for improved ground clearance on smaller vehicles has led to the development of a range of cantilever steps and very slim cassette steps.

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