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In just twelve months since its official launch, AVS Steps’ EX Series has achieved unprecedented acclaim and has proved that ‘electric is best’ in terms of delivering reliability and by being able to address all driver manual handling concerns.  To mark its success, AVS Steps has launched a new ‘EX Gold’ special offer, which will enable charitable organisations and voluntary group to exclusively receive FREE 3-year roadside warranty cover when the EX Series is specified direct, or through coachbuilders.  

To kick-start the ‘EX Gold’ promotion, AVS has upgraded existing steps on vehicles at Hillingdon Community Transport and Barnsley Dial-a-Ride to a new EX electric step, so that they are both able to experience firsthand the benefits of the ‘new generation’ step.  The new steps have also been fitted for free by AVS’s accredited service agents’ Double 4 Ltd from Willesden in London and Des Morrow Tail Lift Services in Wakefield.

 “Hillingdon and Barnsley are typical examples of organisations that can benefit from the long-term reliability of the EX Series,” says Keith Clarke AVS Steps’ Managing Director. “By their very nature, they are wholly reliant on fundraising to maintain their services and do not have an endless pot of funds. For this reason they need products they can have confidence in, and that are tough enough to withstand day-to-day usage in any environment.” 

“As a premium quality product, the EX Series will help these qualifying organisations yield considerable life cycle savings - these are quantified by reducing on-going maintenance costs and the downtime of vehicles,” Keith explains. “The ‘EX Gold’ promotion has been designed to illustrate these long-term cost savings, and provide the incentive for these organisations to now be able to choose and specify by name to their chosen coachbuilder, the ‘best electric’ option and qualify for the free 3-year roadside warranty.” 

 Colin Hanlon from Hillingdon Community Transport adds; “The benefits to the driver of electric steps far outweigh the benefits of any other type of step.  They address the issue of manual handling and importantly guarantee that the driver is in full control of the step to ensure it has been safely deployed and stowed.  We are therefore thrilled that AVS has taken electric steps to a new level by offering proven reliability with the EX Series.  For this reason we are delighted to be given the opportunity to become ambassadors for the EX step.”

 The EX range of slide-in slide-out cassette steps are available in four sizes with tread widths ranging from 600 to 1200mm (the larger steps comfortably accommodating two adults).  They have an aluminium tread assembly which is enclosed in a 2mm thick galvanised steel case.  They are self-cleaning and suitable for all commercial and private passenger uses including mini-buses, ambulances, utility vehicles, transit vans, school buses, etc., and can be fitted to hinged, sliding and power operated doors. 

 Additional safety features include full automatic working option, automatic step closure when the door shuts, an optional touch sensitive strip which detects any contact with objects and automatically cuts the motor, and an illuminated front edge. 

Testament to the reliability and rigorous testing of the EX Series is its endorsement by Mercedes-Benz as a factory fitted product of choice for Sprinter Minibuses, and that it is now being specified by ‘name’ by coachbuilders from all over the world.  

AVS Steps’ ‘EX Gold’ Promotion was officially launched at Access 2008.

For further information on AVS Steps who have offices in the UK, Germany and the USA, please telephone 44 (0)1948 880010, email sales@avssteps.co.uk or visit www.avssteps.co.uk.

For details of AVS Steps’ accredited service agents’ in Greater London and West Yorkshire: Double 4 Ltd – Tel: 08707 604044 or visit www.double4ltd.com. Des Morrow Tail Lift Services – Tel: 01924 263 024 or visit www.desmorrowtaillifts.com 


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November 2008

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