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AVS Takes Another Step Forward

The New AVS Workforce

The New AVS Workforce

The AVS workforce has been increased once again to meet the unprecedented demand for steps across the UK and worldwide. Richard Woolley, AVS sales manager, commented, "it's something I've been pushing for since the start of the year.  This is not just a blip, we are seeing huge increases in sales of electric and manual steps coming from new sectors in the UK and new markets around the world!"


Richard attributes the success to the quality of the product driven by the demands of its tier one customers such as Daimler and Mercedes. The professionalism of the work force in undeniable and without their determination over the last 3 years it could have been a much less positive story.


One other factor stand out for Richard. "We don't make a step and forget it. Every step carries a serial number and that allows us to trace that step's past and its future! One call from anywhere in the world will allow us to identify the exact day a step was made and the person that made the step. It's important for continual improvement and training. When one of the shop floor team sign off on a step they enter their details, with some pride I think, on the build log sheet for that individual product."


However things are changing, Richard commented, "we have two or three huge contracts due to get underway this year, and the conventional way of making steps just won't be efficient enough." Sounds like a case of  "watch this space!”

July 2011

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