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AVS has 15 years experience supplying taxi steps to operators and drivers throughout the UK. We have Supplied Powered steps to the biggest taxi manufacturer, Allied Vehicles (Cabs Direct) to develop a product and a support network second to none. We've also worked closely with Daimler to create the world's best Mercedes steps, with options perfect for both the Vito and Sprinter. Time, is, as they money, and no one knows that better than a taxi driver. Every minute counts.

In the section below we will discuss regulations but the most important point, we believe, is passenger comfort and safety. By providing a safe, solid, reliable step platform for your passengers to enter and leave your cab, they will thank you.

AVS steps meet every legal requirement set out by all UK authorities. They come with fitting kits to allow non-specialist mechanics to fit and service the steps.  And we have over 50 service agents nationwide, usually available within 24 hours where ever they are needed. Whichever your region we can meet the local licensing office regulations. Here are some examples. We will add more as we learn each authority’s requirement:

tread size
Rushmoor, Hampshire
All vehicles with floor height over 380mm (15”) must have a step fitted. Risers must be closed. Not specified SLM/SLE 450 or  SLM/SLE550 or TM/E600  Taxi compliant corners.
Ireland (Eire) New regulations apply. Step required on any floor height over 230mm. Manual or electric with hand brake interlock. 200mm deep and 400mm wide SLM/SLE 450 or  SLM/SLE550 or TM/E600  Taxi compliant corners.
Wirral, Merseyside
Any entrance over 380mm (15”) from the ground must have an additional step fitted. Step must be enclosed. Non-slip tread with yellow highlighted edges.   SLM/SLE 450 or  SLM/SLE550 or TM/E600  Taxi compliant corners.

Which taxi Step to buy?

There are 2 big decisions. Power and size!

The first decision is whether a foot operated step is the right choice or whether Powered Steps are required. Some authorities insist on powered steps. A foot operated step is usually operated by the driver, rather than passengers. An electric step is operated from the driver’s cab or can be automatically operated by the door. In either case the step will always close when the door closes if it is wired in this way. With foot operated steps we recommend a warning buzzer to indicate if the step is left out. Not so much in case it hits a person (that really does not happen because the wing mirrors protrude further than even a deployed step!) but in order to prevent damaging the step on a high kerb.

The second decision is size. We offer steps from 450x200mm (18x8”) to 1000mmx300mm (39x12”). In general the size of step is dictated by the size of the vehicle. Smaller vehicles with less groundclearance require slimmer steps such as the SL range. Bigger vehicles suit the bigger steps such as EX and T. In some areas, such as Leeds, the depth of the tread is a legal requirement at 300mm minimum.

Here are some examples of our Taxi Steps Regulations:

Vehicle Type Manual Step Electric Step
Peugeot Expert SLM450 SLE450BZ
VW T5 SLM450 or 550 SLE450 or 550
Ford Torneo TM600 TE600BZ
Mercedes Vito SLM450 SLE450
Mercedes Sprinter KM600 EXE600HX or KE600BZ

We will add more regulations once we learn each authorities requirement

Each of our taxi steps comes with “taxi compliant” corners ensuring passenger safety and meeting the regs. Please contact AVS to ask us what is the best step for you vehicle and the nearest fitting agent. We are able to fit taxi steps at your address, and at a fixed price.

All Pictures Courtesy of Cab Direct.

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