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EX-5 Cassette Step

EX-5 Cassette Step

Product Description

The EXE-5 is the most advanced cassette step on the market, completely removing the need for micro switches making the step more reliable than ever. The step includes as standard AVS “Snow Arm” technology, to prevent ice and mud accumulating at the back of the step. An extended step loom removes the need for any external connections further increasing the reliability of the step.

The stainless steel bearings utilised in the step are tested to over 1 million cycles ensuring the step keeps on working when you need it. It is available with sensitive edge and illumination, in both fully automatic and fail safe operation all controlled from our unique control box. We have increased the strength of the cassette and given an improved zinc coating the step is more durable than ever before.  

Like all AVS Steps it has been designed and manufactured at our factory in Wem, Shropshire.

Technical Notes

Product Name: EXE-5
Tread Widths mm: 600/750/1000/1200
Tread Depth mm: 300
SWL Kg: 200
Product Weight Kg: 23/29/32/35
Voltage V: 12
Current Amps: Nom 2, Max 10
Protection: Polyswitch Resetting Fuse
Internal Switches: None
Lead: Long Lead, no external plugs
Options: Sensitive Edge, Illuminated Edge, Mud Guard Protector
Cassette: Galvanised Steel
Tread: Aluminium
Running Gear: Nylon and Stainless Steel

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