A precise, powerful and reliable solution for easy passenger access

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Our EXE cassette steps represent a precise, powerful and reliable solution for easy passenger access in and out of various vehicles. EXE steps don’t use microswitches, instead utilising current sensing control box technology for improved reliability.


Key Features Technical
  • Tested to 375kg (for 100,000 cycles)
  • Snow arm technology that prevents ice and mud accumulating at the back of the step
  • Weather proof protection strip at front of step cassette
  • No microswitches for enhanced reliability
  • Halves passenger entrance step height
  • Self-cleaning motor action
  • Fitting kit available for all popular vehicles
  • Protective plastic corners
  • Available for sliding, hinged and power operated doors
  • Twin arms with smooth reliable action
  • Tested to equivalent of 20+ years of use
  • Heavy duty high powered motor
  • Widths: 600mm, 700mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Touch sensitive edge – stops power to motor on encountering any obstruction (reset via door pin switch)

Safety and operation

The EXE range is tested to rigorous standards, far above typical usage, with the powerful twin arm motor unit being put through thousands of tests. This helps us to ensure the EXE’s trademark, quiet, smooth and reliable action.

Two LED lights are fitted on the vehicles dashboard. A green light indicates whether the step is stowed, moving or fully deployed while a red warning light is used to indicate an obstruction is preventing the step from fully extending.

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