The SL series of electric and manual steps has an incredibly slim cassette profile with a thickness of just 46mm making it ideal for vehicles where ground clearance is an issue.

The SL looks good too. Its slim lines, moulded corners and neat tread design mean this is a step with style.

A range of step treads and widths further add to the flexibility of the SL Series.

With both manual foot operated and electric options, the SL can be used on a huge range of vehicles. From Mrs Brown in Dartford to Ambulance drivers in Dortmund, the SL improves access for thousands of people every day
across the world.

The SL series is the most versatile step ever offered by AVS and is suitable for:

  • Cars and 4x4’s
  • Accessible vehicles & minibuses
  • Taxis
  • Mobility vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Motor caravans and campers

Outstanding features include:

  • Rigorous testing equivalent to real life conditions.
  • Heavy duty, reliable AVS Bosch motor.
  • Galvanised steel case, with drop down cover and weatherproof protection strip.
  • Self cleaning side arm action.
  • Ideal for hundreds of applications.
  • 1 year roadside warranty.
  • Special corners reduce dirt ingress and meet Taxi standards.