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AVS In The Pink!!

Gaynor Huggins, a recent recruit to AVS Steps made sure that the team here did their bit to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research this week. All we had to do was wear something pink for the day and donate a few pounds to the cause. Nearly everyone has been affected or knows someone that has been affected by cancer, and this terrible disease continues to ravage thousands of lives every year and despite many years of research there have been very few "Eureka" moments. Research continues to push the boundaries and sooner or later there will be a major breakthrough, but all this needs funding. Infact just this week there have been reports of a "penecillin moment"


Gaynor's efforts got us all thinking, and giving a little contribution towards progress in this important field of research. We even had a little fun in the process!!

AVS Steps Ltd October 29th 2010

November 2010

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