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AVS STEPS HELP PADDY DOYLE BREAK ANOTHER WORLD RECORD - "Paddy - we only asked you to beat the 5 minute record not the hour!"

AVS Steps, the world’s largest automotive step specialist, enrolled the help of the Guinness Book of Records’ World’s Fittest Athlete, Paddy Doyle, to demonstrate the quality and endurance of its products being showcased at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show. However, to the surprise and amazement of all show visitors, Paddy broke an official World Record for the number of step-ups completed in an hour whilst wearing a 40lb back-pack – he was only supposed to do 5 minutes!

This was a completely spontaneous performance by Paddy and he successfully completed 1616 step-ups in an hour, using an EXE1000 set at the official 15” step height, breaking the previous record of 1511 step-ups.

Keith Clarke, AVS Steps Managing Director said: “We invited Paddy to the show to perform 5 minute challenges on our steps for a bit of fun, and to visually demonstrate the robust and durable nature of our new EX step range. However at his first attempt he just kept on going past the 5 minutes and then, through gritted teeth, announced that he was going for the world record, which was as much as a surprise to me as the crowd. His tremendous display of endurance created a real exciting buzz around our stand and to the amazement of us all, he smashed the work record before our very eyes!”

This latest World Record means that Birmingham based Paddy Doyle now holds 85 official endurance world records.

For further information and to see the video of Paddy Doyle breaking this amazing World Record at the CV Show, visit www.avssteps.co.uk.


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Editors Notes

AVS Steps Ltd
With over 20 years’ experience, AVS Steps is the World’s largest supplier of automotive steps. First and foremost AVS Steps is a specialist in the design and manufacture of steps, and its product range includes electric and foot operated steps for commercial and utility vehicles, taxis, minibuses, ambulances, and other accessible vehicles including individual mobility vehicles. With the widest range of passenger steps available, AVS ensures that it manufactures the right step for the right vehicle, thereby improving vehicle access for thousands of people every day.

AVS products are designed and manufactured in the UK, and sold both direct and through a network of distributors, world-wide. AVS has based its products on a cassette design using electric or foot operation to power the steps. However, a growing need for improved ground clearance on smaller vehicles has led to the development of a range of cantilever steps and very slim cassette steps.

Committed to quality, the company undertakes the most comprehensive range of testing procedures in the industry to ensure its steps meet and exceed all legal requirements, and most importantly meet customers’ demands. AVS supports products from cradle to grave with quality control maintained during build, packing and despatch. A UK installation service is provided and a comprehensive after sales support service

April 2008

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